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I’ve been drinking tea more and more every day. At first it was every now and then after dinner. Then it became my desert every night after dinner with a cookie or a small piece of chocolate. Now it’s become two or three times a day, I’ll have a cupper whenever I need to relax or need to warm up!

Tea cup and infuser - all in one

Tea cup and infuser - all in one

I must admit I am somewhat boring when it comes to tea, which is odd for me, as I would consider myself an adventurous person! Though I have been adventurous enough to try many types of tea, but alas I only like a few, which consists mostly of black teas, a couple of green teas and pretty much nothing else! I don’t like any fruity teas, minty teas, or rooibos. However, I’m lucky enough to have a David’s Tea in Victoria, and their assortments of tea is mind boggling! Their teas are great, but they add special touches such as vanilla and orange peels and apple slices and flower petals and I could go on and on. I love London Fogs, which are normally made by steeping Earl Grey tea in hot soy milk (or your choice of non-dairy milk) and sweetened with vanilla syrup.

Cream of Earl Grey tea

a cup of tea - "Cream of Earl Grey"

However, at David’s Tea they have a tea by the name of Organic Cream of Earl Grey which already has that touch of vanilla, which means you don’t need to buy those expensive vanilla syrups and also you don’t have to add any sugar to your tea if you don’t want to! Though “cream” is in the name of the tea, it doesn’t contain any dairy, so it is vegan. But please check the ingredients of other teas at David’s Tea, because there are teas there that do contain dairy! One thing is for sure, tea is making a come back! Sure, there are still people lined up at Starbucks to get their caffeine fix first thing in the morning, but I’m noticing more and more people ordering tea when we go out for a snack in the afternoon or when we are hanging out after a movie, even if it is at Starbucks!